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California Geological Survey, 150 years later

A historical California Geological Survey is being re-documented.

About Up and Down California: The Whitney Survey 150 Years Later

150 years ago the California Geological Survey, under State Geologist Josiah Whitney, began their exploration of the natural resources of the brand new state of California. From 1860 to 1864 they traveled over 14,000 miles around the state, mostly on foot or muleback, in a state much of which was barely known (and some completely unknown) to white people. The field leader, William H. Brewer, described their travels in letters to his family; those letters, which were later collected and published as Up and Down California, are the most comprehensive portrait of California at that time.

This group is for modern-day photos of the places they visited in their travels around California--photos that convey a sense of place, and collectively create a visual record of how much (or how little) those places have changed since the Whitney Survey visited them 150 years ago.

Also...since Brewer was the botanist as well as field leader, and collected over 2,000 plant specimens in his travels, photos of California native plants (of species collected by Brewer) are welcome.

Blog republishing the letters: http://upanddowncalifornia.wordpress.com/
Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/upanddowncalifornia/
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