tequiladawn (tequiladawn) wrote in geographile,

Please help me find...

In your internet roaming, have any of you lovely people seen a free-standing globe that does NOT have politocal demarcations? I'd like something with feature names but not place names ( Pacific Ocean is great, Peru notsomuch (and yes, I'm aware thats a huge catch-22)), but would still be quite happy with a plain topo globe with no names on it.

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Amazon has several nice ones here.

This physical world globe from World Globe Universe, is probably perfect assuming you can afford the $390 price tag. You might also look around the World Globe Universe website for some other, less expensive, options.
None of the Amazon ones will work- they still have countries on them.

The Second link is the closest I've seen so far though! Thanks!
I think there are smaller versions of that World Globe (the second link) which cost a bit less.